Welcome to FBC Las Cruces Awana!

This year we are offering two AMAZING AWANA options:

1) In-Club experience.  (AWANA as you know and love it)

2) Online Awana platform.  (Large group lessons will be posted to the FBC website.  Live, small group, zoom sessions on Wednesday nights. Each club will have a separate time to accommodate for families that have children in separate clubs.  After a 4-week period we will evaluate the Awana online platform to see how well it is working and how well families and clubbers are adapting to it.

Things to Know Right now:

1)  Parents are allowed to register/reregister online at any time.


2)  On August 26th from 6:00-7:30 we are having a DRIVE THRU Awards Ceremony (For last years clubbers), DRIVE THRU Awana Store (for last years clubbers) as well as a REGISTRATION table. If you need assistance registering or reregistering your child we will have volunteers to help.


3)  ALL Awana families need to pick up IMPORTANT paperwork (parent handbook, schuedules, etc) as well as the entrance booklets that ALL clubbers must complete at the Drive Up  Registration table on August 26th. Those choosing to do the Online Awana Platform will also need to get their childs handbook. Uniforms and accessories can also be purchased during this time at the registration table. These materials will be available after this date but not via drive thru.


Please note the following changes to Awana:

1) Time Change: 6:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m.

2) Small and large group will only be offered at this time. 

3) Game time will be reintroduced at a later date.  Once that occurs we will go back to our normal 6:00-7:30 p.m. schedule. 


FBC Registration Process:

1) Click on register clubber.

2) Returning clubber click on " YES- At least one my children particpated in First Baptist Church Awana last year"

**Note: If you have a returning clubber, but you also have a new clubber to FBC Awana this year, click on add clubber to household.

3) New clubbers click on "NO Children are new to First Baptist Church Awana."

Upcoming Awana Calendar
May 19 (Wed)
Awana meeting (Cubbies,Sparks,T&T Ultimate Adventure)
Awana Awards Ceremony